sombraQuality Solutions

One of our key objectives is to offer products of the very highest quality which improve on the solutions currently available on the market. Our extensive studies, testing periods and quality controls during all steps in the production process allow us to optimise our products and guarantee their efficacy. We also manufacture products under order according to the customer's specifications. We can develop formulas, manufacture and package different capsule, tablet and blister formats, produce the packaging and provide guidance regarding the legal framework applicable in each region.




Our manufacturing department has extensive experience in producing products under order by either developing an in-house formula or adapting one provided by the customer. We have a high production capacity and offer a broad range of capsules, tablets and blisters. Our flexibility and allows us to adapt to any client. All products are developed by our R+D+i Department and manufactured using our own technology.

Capsules, Tablets, Pearls
Envelopes, Sticks, Bottles
Blisters, Cases, Exhibitors


Formulation and development of new products


Our R+D+i Department consists of a multidisciplinary team of experts with extensive experience in the fields of dietary products and supplements, medicinal plants and proprietary medicinal products. We develop new products supported by extensive scientific documentation, and also modify already existing pharmaceutical formulations or developmental products.

We are also able to solve production problems for products that are difficult to manufacture by using technologies and raw materials that allow us to consider each product on a case-by-case basis. This process results in an end product that meets all established requirements, thus satisfying the customer's needs.


Legal advice


Our Legal Department offers complete and up-to-date guidance to ensure that your product complies with all pertinent regulations in each country: EU directives and Royal Decrees, labelling, product claims, raw materials and drafting of CTDs (Common Technical Documents).

Furthermore, our experience in the field of EU product notification allows us to provide a much faster product registration service.




We perform a quality analysis during all manufacturing steps. Our Quality Control and Assurance Department ensures full compliance with HACCP guidelines for all dietary products and supplements and GMP guidelines for all pharmaceutical products licensed by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Healthcare Products (AEMPS).




Packaging & Marketing


Alifarm's extended family of customers has provided us with the opportunity to form part of numerous widely differing projects. Our experience and excellent relationship with our various suppliers, which allows us to offer a wide range of containers, boxes and labels, are the pillars upon which our ability to adapt to our customer's needs in order to bring their products to fruition is based.

In addition to packaging production, we also offer marketing services and specialized design in the pharmaceutical sector.