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ALIFARM S.A. was founded in 1982 and is one of the market leaders in its sector, namely the development and manufacture of food supplements, probiotics and proprietary medicinal products.

One of our key objectives is to offer products of the very highest quality which improve on the solutions currently available on the market. Our extensive studies, testing periods and quality controls during all steps in the production process, which are based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines, allow us to optimise our products and guarantee their efficacy.

We also manufacture products under order according to the customer's specifications. We can develop formulae, manufacture and package different capsule, tablet and blister formats, produce the packaging and provide guidance regarding the legal framework applicable in each region. On the basis of our experience and track record, we therefore offer a an extensive range of products developed in-house along with manufacturing services that can be adapted to meet the needs of customers and consumers in any market.

Due to its privileged position, Alifarm's plant, which is located in Lliçà de Vall, close to the F1 Circuit and connected to the same motorway network a mere 20 km from Barcelona, is an ideal communication hub by land, for both Spain and Europe, or by sea or air for the rest of the Mediterranean region or transatlantic destinations.

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